Sorry state of Nalua to Baraguni road creates sufferings of locals in Chitalmari


Md. Kamruzzaman Khan Picklu from Chitalmari in Bagerhat:

Local people have been suffering a lot due to the dilapidated condition of Nalua to Baraguni road in Chitalmari Upazila in Bagerhat district.

The road has been collapsed in many spots in about 5km which is hindering the local communication seriously.

People of over 20 villages in the area regularly use the road but have been literally disconnected from their daily communication due to the cracks on the roads.

Meanwhile, locals claimed that the road damaged by sand traders as they dug canals. Chitalmari Upazila Administration has taken several actions against illegal sand traders in the area and seized three dredging machines.

According to sources at the Water Development Board, under the 36/1 project of WDB, the re-excavation work of 12 and a half km canal from Trimohana of Chitalmari Sadar Bazar to Baraguni Madhumati river was started at a cost of about Tk 8 crore.

There is a 5km road from Nalua Center under LGED to Bara Buni Bazar along the canal.

Local people said, as soon as the canal was dug and the water was irrigated, the 150-foot carpeting of the road began to sink into the riverbed.

Some unscrupulous traders had recently extracted sand from the riverbed, they added.

Upazila Nirbahi Officer Mohammad Maruful Alam said he has visited the spot and seized three illegal dredger machines that were being used for sand extraction illegally.

UNO also said that the illegal sand traders will be brought under the law.