The world received the news of the ultimate light – Eid E Milad Un Nabi (pbuh)



With the message of the birth Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) the world got the news of the brightest light. The world that was created in the light of Allah!

For all Muslims, Wise people, intellectual scientists; the birth of Prophet (Sa:) (Darood) is like the third EID. For scholars, he is the hub of knowledge. The eternal message was given by the Creator through him. He has established some great principles/rules that he has established in the state science, economic system, personal life, and social life. The rules that have been given by the Holy Qur’an and Hadith; If it is adopted in the right way, then any arrangement; Whether it is a state or a family; Human beings would be able to build the world of comfort!

Alhamdulillah, Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) is a reflection of His(Allah) mercy. Allah says – “I have sent you as a mercy to the worlds.”

Allah Subhanatala himself has offered Durood and Salam to the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) in the company of angels.

Eid E Milad Un Nabi (pbuh) is the best blessing of Allah-
The best of all the blessings that Allah has bestowed upon the world, the best of them is that the Prophet (peace be upon him) Some verses of the Holy Qur’an mentioned, and which has proved to be a good act of keeping the Milad of the Prophet (peace be upon him)

Allah Almighty has mentioned in the Holy Qur’an: “O people! The reminder has come to you, from your Lord and the healing of the heart, and the blessing and the Mercy are for the Muslims. O Messenger of Allah, tell you, in the grace and mercy of Allah, so they should be happy. This is the best of all that they have saved. ” (Sura Yunus: 57-58)

Muhammad (pbuh) is the highest human being in all respects –
He won all the battles in his lifetime. And he is the greatest man of all time; which is universally recognized. His followers also will get the highest respect and facilities in the next life; if his believers want to live according to the right intention and be blessed by God! There are rewards for them too!

The highest achievement of worldly and Spiritual knowledge, which is not been seen in any other human history. He is the only person who has received the vision of Allah. The “Meraz” and the “Moon-division” are the best example!

Prophet Karim (pbuh)s given information are majestic and cosmic –
What he said is applicable for past, present and future and for different levels of creation. Because he did not say anything without the guidance of Allah! Holy Quran is the only book that is directly given by Allah!
Prophet Karim said to “Go to China to acquire knowledge” and we are looking at the implementation of it.

The largest telescope in the world-
the largest hadron collider, ten size larger hadron collider china…going to build. The first demonstration of teleproduction was made possible by Chinese experts.

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) further said that people will fly from one place to another. And the platter will make contact through things – it is seen that satellites and DISH Antenna are all shaped like plate!

In all fields of knowledge, he has given indications about many future discoveries directly or through sign/ cosmic language; that the human race has been discovering and doing now.

The first democratic system in the world was established by Muhammad (pbuh)-
When Muhammad (peace be upon him) kept his feet from Mecca, from the birthplace of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). All the responsibilities of governing the city of Yathrib have come to him. The day is 12 Rabiul Awal. 22 or 24 September of Christian calendar 622; through a written constitution (Medina Charter) established first democratic system in this part of the world, a people’s willingness, welfare-oriented, democratic state. The creation becomes a unique example in political science and That is, the first democratic system in the world.

His role of the Prophet (peace be upon him) in establishing zakat and Islamic financial system-
Modern tax payments help to establish healthy and fair financial system such as zakat. Zakat has Ruhani Majza, and there is a connection between the zakat and cosmic world. “Allah gives more benefits in a little wealth for an honest man!”

Medical treatment in the diet -by Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)
Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) also said – the authentic dates; those who ate at the stomach make full, should use dates of his digestion, and it is also for the hungry man with empty stomach.

There is a detailed description of this in a book called “Healing with Medicine of Prof. Muhammad (pbuh)”. Medical scientists, pharmacists and doctors searched for years could not find the cause of many diseases in order to understand the illness, but we can find their remedies in the “Hadith” and in the words of Allah; in the holy Quran.

Sense of Beauty
The rose was the most beloved flower of Prophet Karim (pbuh); as he realizes that the rose is the symbol of the beauty of the creation and of the universe!

His followers celebrate this day all over the world through various programs! In nature there are some signal been seen as well! The lovers of Allah, know that the pre-conditions of the creation of this world is Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

The writer is a Sufi Artist and Poet. She is also the owner Begum Restaurant & Gallery.