Quazi Johir dazzles with another book of poems


Main Uddin Ahmed

‘Sthabeer Andharey Shwapnasambhaba Basanta’ (The Dream-possible Spring in the Stagnant Darkness) is the latest and new book of Bengali poems written by Quazi Johirul Islam. This is the 23rd poetry book of Quazi’s 66 grand total.
Agradut & Company, a publisher based in Dhaka, Bangladesh printed the book.
The pleasant cover of the book was drawn by Ayub Al Amin.
The book already began to reach them who ordered for it in advance.
If a poetry reader go through the book he/she must say that the book is not usual one, this is exceptional. Each poem is meaningful. Humanity, Covid19, expectations etc are there in the book and those will indicate to a rare heights of the writer’s poetic thoughts.
While reading the poems like ‘Kankotha’ or ‘Bhat’, readers will discover that the poet imposed a high standard and new value to those terms, always used in Bengali literature.
Specifically the poem ‘Bhat’ depicts a dramatic picture imposing on the term a value of tradition instead of hunger and lack of food.
Moni Mohammad Ruhul Amin, publisher of the book, says:– Covid19 damaged our business. Publishing books is now very risky. We came forward with this book of Quazi Johir because we are respectful to our literature and possessing a high idea about the writer of the book.
When a reader enters into the world of Quazi Johir’s poems, he/she discovers that it is not something ordinary, rather it is special. His poems bear some special depths.Few lines of Johir’s poem can bear the problematic picture of a subcontinent when it narrates:–
“Kept in the jar of ‘pani’ with care
cold ‘jaul’
Fire engulfed the country.”
The poet is very much life-oriented and never ready to escape from life. His poem says:–
“Death hasn’t accepted me
Frequently embraced me the life.”
Poems of this book of Quazi Johir clearly indicate a message that the poet achieved an intellectual high status in his poetic thinking which is really rare. Overcoming self-centered ego or crossing the primary love affairs of the two, he reached a wide stage of humanity with his poems. He then raises the question in his poem, observing:–
“Who is the demon in human world
Playing with human blood!”
Poet Quazi Johir is never ready to bow or break down. He is still optimistic. His poem spreads the ray of hope and narrates:–
“Again we shall walk to the distant day
Will embrace friends
And be grateful to the nature”.
There are many poetic experiments in this book. There are many poems on ‘Corona’ written in rhythm. The time from April to June of the 2020 was depicted in the poems.
Going through the latest poetry book of Quazi Johir, it was felt that this new book can give something new to its readers and no conscious reader will agree to miss it.