Purnima resumes ‘Gangchil’ shooting


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Purnima returns to ‘Gangchil’ shoot

Popular actress Purnima has returned to the shooting of ‘Gangchil’ after a day’s rest due to sudden illness. The shooting camera turned on again last Saturday after the shooting was stopped for a long time due to coronavirus. Shooting is going on at FDC. Purnima took part there on Monday.

The news has been confirmed by Noyeem Imtiaz Neyamul, the producer of ‘Gangchil’. The director said, “Purnima felt healthy and took part in the shooting again today. Everyone pray that I can finish the shooting very soon.” On the other hand, Purnima said, “I could not concentrate on work because I suddenly felt sick. I talked to the director and went home. I suffered from fever at night. I had to take a day off even if I didn’t want to. I feel much better now than before. So I started shooting again.”

Fever at this time is a symptom of corona. However, the doctors said that she doesn’t have to be afraid of coronavirus because she has already been infected by corona and has survived it. The heroine took treatment from staying in isolation at her own home. Her report came negative on October 14. She took a two-day rest and took part in the shooting on Saturday.

Incidentally, Purnima suddenly felt sick during the shooting of the first day of ‘Gangchil’ at FDC on Saturday. She hurriedly finished her work and went home. On that night, her illness increased due to fever. As a result, director Noyeem Imtiaz Neyamul was forced to stop shooting on Sunday. Shooting resumed on Monday. Gangchil’s film is based on the novel ‘Gangchil’ written by Awami League General Secretary and Minister for Road Transport and Bridges Obaidul Quader. Here Purnima can be seen in the role of an NGO worker.