Trump lawsuits are ‘misinformation campaign’, says team Biden


Biden campaign spokesman Jen O’Malley Dillon has just held a briefing with reporters, where she accused the Trump team of “continuing to push a failing strategy” of lawsuits.

She called the legal challenges “nothing more than an attempt to distract and delay what is now inevitable – Joseph Biden is going to be the next president of the United States”.

She claimed victory in Michigan, and said Biden was looking good in Pennsylvania, reports BBC.

“At the end of today, and hopefully it is the end of today, we will win by a sizeable number in Pennsylvania,” she said.

Bob Bauer, who is directing Biden’s legal team, told journalists he would talk them through “some of the silliness behind” the Republican claims.

“This is part of a broader misinformation campaign,” he said, accusing Trump supporters of trying to sabotage confidence in the electoral system.

The Trump allegations are based on the “suspicion of wrongdoing” rather than any actual evidence, he says.