The US election through Chinese eyes


Political drama in the United States of America has always been a source of fascination in China – whether it’s Netflix series House of Cards or this week’s nail-biting presidential election.

On China’s biggest social media platform, Weibo, the hashtag #USElection had been viewed at least 7.3 billion times as of Thursday evening in Beijing. Users have been sharing memes, videos and comments to express their views on the confusing situation, reports BBC.

For example, while the final results have yet to be confirmed, Chinese internet users are creating videos such as this one to imagine the mood in both campaigns.

There has also been nostalgia. Chinese internet users have not forgotten the polarising campaign between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton four years ago. One of the highlights from that contest was a bitterly argued second debate. Chinese creatives used a popular 1990s Cantonese love song and reimagined it into a romantic karaoke session.

It starts with Trump singing, “Do you know that my heart—,” and Clinton answers, “Desires true love.” Have a listen if you understand Cantonese and read Chinese subtitles.

Ultimately many Chinese are asking what Trump has meant for China in the past four years and what the next American president – be it Trump or Biden – would mean for Sino-US relations.

Beijing had been reticent until this morning, when Vice Foreign Minister Le Yucheng said he hoped the new US administration “will meet China halfway”.