Jalmanush, an excellent novel on Buccaneer as well as Sundarbans



Jalmanush: Synopsis of the novel
By Sahidul Islam Nirab

The phenomena of the novel ‘Jalmanush’ reads Buccaneer, is all about the Sundarbans who dominates the largest mangrove forest in the world. The Sundarbans is located along the vast coasts of India and Bangladesh. Many big or small rivers turbulently flow through the forest of millions of flora and fauna. However, the rivers are mostly subjugated by pirates. They always rush from one corner to another of the forest by speedy boat. The deepest forest is their only reliance. ‘Jalmanush’, widely known to the localities as open terror in the mysterious forest, are literally ‘Pirates of the Sundarbans’.

The novel ‘Jalmanush’ by Chanakya Baroi, describes some thrilling and suffocating events centering the pirates of the Sundarbans. A pirate gang led by Rustam, known as Rustam Bahini, dominates the impeccably beautiful forest. However, a group of the pirates revolted against their leader Rustam suddenly without any prior notification resulting in bringing divisions of mighty Rustam Bahini into many groups spreading into the forest. They star carrying out unbridled banditry in the forests leaving natural forest environment disturbed.

A brothel named Baniyashanta, situated on the bank of the Pashur River, where Fulmoti, the central character of the novel, lives. Rustam, one of the bandit leaders, visits the woman regularly. Rustam loves Fulmoti and wants to return to a normal life after marrying Fulmati. He dreams to start a new family with her but in vain.

Tamjid is one of the youngest members of Taher’s forces. Courageous and prudent Tamjid was noticed by another gang leader Taher after several operations were conducted. In spite of being a pirate, Tamjid has also a loving heart and secretly recalls his lover Tandoori. Tamjid starts thinking of Tandoori frequently and imagined that his love was waiting in a distant village for his sweet return.

Meanwhile, Nabil, the only child of Taher, died of fever, later his wife Afsana took shelter in the forbidden village of Baniyashanta. At the end of the campfire in the deep forest, Taher was shot by his one of the friends following a conflict.

The novel ‘Jalmanush’ actually depicts the unknown and unfathomed conflict, love, brutality and various tragedy of pirates of the Sundarbans.