OC Fazlul Karim visited several puja mandaps in Sarishabari


Sahidul Islam Nirab:

Police Officer-in-Charge (OC) Abu Mahammad Fazlul Karim visited various puja mandaps in Sarishabari of Jamalpur.
On Thursday night, October 22, while visiting to all the puja mandaps, he spoke to the leaders of the concerned committees and assured to ensure security matters.

The OC of Sarishabari Police Station along with other police officials visited several puja mandaps including Aramnagar Bazar Krishna Kali Mandir, Simla Bazar Jagannath Dev Mandir, Jhalupara Kali Mandir and Bausi Bazar Mandir of the municipality.

At this time OC Abu Mahammad Fazlul Karim called upon all the Hindu community to be as communal as possible while observing their Durga festival.
He said everyone should observe the festival with caution during Corona pandemic. Fans have to come to the mandap wearing masks. The present government is a people-friendly government. So we have to practice our religion peacefully.

During the inspection of the puja mandapa, Sarishabari police inspector (investigation) Mohammad Rashedul Hasan, SI Anwar Hossain and other police officials were present too.