Munjurul Islam Bidduth busy in campaigning


Abdullah Al Mamun:

Munjurul Islam Bidyut, the youngest son of late Abdul Malek MP, vice-president of Sarishabari Municipal Awami League, former Chhatra League leader is busy in campaigning

At that time, Munjurul Islam said, there is no alternative to an honest and competent leader in building a digital Bangladesh of Sheikh Hasina . If I can win by getting nomination from Awami League, I promise to make Sarishabari Municipality as a first class municipality

He further said, “My father, Abdul Malek MP, had led the Sarishabari Upazila Awami League for almost four decades with your prayers and support. He had never done any injustice or corruption. I also promise to be by your side in your love and prayers. I want ro dedicate myself to your service keeping away from corruption.

At this time people from all walks of life including Awami League, Juba League, Chhatra League participated spontaneously.