Trio unpublished poems of Niloy Goswami


Trio poems of Niloy Goswami

‘Screams of the artery’

That was little angel, named her Lira ,
How engrossing two eyes !
She built her own world like a haven, ubi She flew day and night.
We used to descry her in the
Captivating mood;
So that a painter limning an aesthetic Dummy on wood!
Once a tidings made us
Very preoccupied and it wasn’t Blander !
Our chirpy bird outraged by a
Gothic hunter!
We got her on the bank of a
Slushy river
She was fainted with unclad
Lethal red deluge was hopping
From her fleshly tender piano !
The tongue groaned to explain her
Pathetic scenario.
She raised up right hand to
Touch my cheek
Perhaps she wanted to say
Returning me into infancy click.
Every corpuscles are asserting
For justice
The earth took out the light of an Innocent soul-by a snobbish.
My cerebrum reminds me the
Horrible deth
She passed away truly,
But left some memory with hatred and Disrespect!

Muse of friller
A wonderful angel working on my heart’s path.
she makes me spellbound by her aesthetic taste.
A sweet morning is offering me to hold the moment…
That she can alive forever in my lovely heart planet
I feel the fragrance of her celestial nomadic love
she used to move around my Psyche like a crazy dove
The sky shows her chest for Outpouring the long anthology of sacrifice,
The agile of success to turn the page for love’s light.
The way takes wing in the kage of ribs
creeping worry watched over the eyes and incompetent grips.
come,get on to the pinkish ray
hold me again and love me with rainy say.

luminous park
I am rife with awning,
when you read my eyes
and perceive everything .
When you illustrate me
on the dark,
The shadow walks away in the
luminous park.
Time goes on manifestation,
Longing gets gratification.
Touching of the balmy love makes the air known
satisfiable scent of her skin;but she is really far away or unknown !
The sesame of her lips,
wrote many verses in the
acres of my chest.
Then I lost in deep meditation
of her love fest.

Oh god ! let me tell my sorrows
that I’m being insane philander.
And want to build my realm in the
ambits of my unremitting love texture.


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