A sad story on a pet animal


KEO’s Eternal Journey
By Mokammel Haque Rakim
Just after opening my sleepy eyes, I was trying to straighten my body while my eyes cast on my pet cat standing in front of my table, from far he seemed groaning, so I approached towards him, but as soon as I reached him ,he suddenly ran away. I noticed that he lost his tail and couldn’t think of how he became so. Who cut off his tail and why? From then he went missing and that mournful sight was always floating on my eyeballs and I was getting abnormal.

Few days later, my family visited my uncle’s house with a veiw to making me sound as I was getting lathy after seeing the mournful sight. I had to stay there a couple weeks. There I saw again the ill-fated cat laying on the ground. With a great joy, I took him my lap and suddenly tears dropped on the ground from my eyes.

I realized that he was feeling severe pain. Then I repeatedly touched his body with which was covered with soft and silky hair. I took him inside the house and gave some food to have and freed him again. Next day he again slept beside me like before and didn’t go far. The days were going well.

I named him “KEO”. I played with him. When he could not find me inside the house , he searched me and waited for my arrival.

But on a Friday , I noticed that he was not coming my uncle’s residence. I started searching him here and there but failed.

After a long search I became very sad. However I didn’t stop searching . I looked for him everywhere and became tired. My uncle said, “Don’t be upset .” “I think he had found his parents and went with them to his own house and living peacefully with them.” But his words could not make me satisfied. To erase my inanition, My uncle took me to a fair. There I saw a boy walking with his pet cat. Seeing that, I remembered my Keo. I thought what he was eating? Has he found any food? All these questions were moving on my brain.

Already 15 days are gone . Now I had to go back to my home. But I din’t want to go cause I wanted to get back my KEO and wanted to see him for the last time. However I stayed there a day more. While the sun was going to sleep, I saw a cat walking slowly into the sunset. I went there and saw that it was my Keo. His one leg was broken. He was very sad and shedding tear and I took him to my home and started taking care of him to come round. I fed him. But he was not feeling well as before. I tried with my level best to make him get well soon but he was deteriorating.

Very soon I returned my home with my KEO. After some days, he became well. KEO was then tailless when I went to school, he also went with me. I though he loved me more than his life. It was going very well. We spent all the day through much pleasure.

But one day suddenly an unexpected thing happened in KEO’s life. Keo was playing with me in the green field. I went to a shop to buy food for him. And he rushed to me. While crossing the road, a car ran over him. When I looked behind, I saw KEO lying on the road. I took him on my arms. He was looking at me with wet eyes. I became speechless and couldn’t pronounce a single word. KEO closed his eyes for eternal journey.

(Writer is an eight grader of CHPS)